Doctor discussing painful dpn treatment with patient
Doctor discussing painful dpn treatment with patient


The most important part of getting
relief is talking to and working with
your doctor regularly.


Getting the conversation started with your doctor

Living with diabetic nerve pain can be frustrating and tough. But you’re not alone. Your doctor, as well as other resources and treatments, like LYRICA (pregabalin), are here to help. Whether you are in the beginning stages of getting the right diagnosis or you’ve been managing your diabetic nerve pain for years, working with your doctor is one of the best ways to find relief.



Visiting your doctor’s office and communicating your diabetic nerve pain can be difficult, especially when you have the burning, shooting, pins and needles of diabetic nerve pain. Viewing your doctor as your partner will enable you both to decide the best course of action and help you get the most from your treatment plan.

Take a look at some smart ways
to work with your doctor

Tell your doctor exactly how your diabetic nerve pain affects you

If you’re experiencing painful symptoms in your feet or hands, don’t wait to share this information with your doctor. Explain exactly how the pain impacts you. And ask about LYRICA – a specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

Prepare for your next doctor appointment with this Doctor Discussion Guide

Create a list of the pain symptoms you are experiencing by filling out this Doctor Discussion Guide. If you take it to your appointment, it will help your doctor understand your symptoms and determine if your pain could be diabetic nerve pain.

Discuss what you are already doing to treat your diabetic nerve pain

You may already be taking something for your diabetic nerve pain. Tell your doctor about any medicines or other approaches you are using for your diabetic nerve pain. Ask what you can do to relieve this distinct pain.

Make sure to ask these important questions when talking to your doctor

It can be difficult to know what questions to ask your doctor and how to get the conversation started. By asking the questions below, you can start getting answers about your specific pain.

  • What is your experience with diabetic nerve pain?
  • What are the symptoms of diabetic nerve pain?
  • Can you check my feet or hands for nerve pain?
  • Do you think I could have diabetic nerve pain?
  • Are there prescription treatments for diabetic nerve pain?

Ask if LYRICA could help relieve your diabetic nerve pain

LYRICA is approved by the FDA to treat diabetic nerve pain. So your doctor may recommend LYRICA to help treat your diabetic nerve pain. Ask your doctor if LYRICA is right for you.



Wife, Grandma, Public Transportation Driver
“So finally, I went to the doctor and she prescribed LYRICA. Having less pain is wonderful. And now that I have been on LYRICA for a while, I feel better.”
Doctor discussing pdpn with patient
Patient discussing painful dpn treatment with her doctor

Speak up and talk
to your doctor about
diabetic nerve pain